Black Belt Club (8 to 15 year olds)

Black Belt Club is a new (2016) class held at the end of the Monday and Thursday Tigers classes and immediately prior to the 6 PM Hapkido Classes on both nights. 


This is for students aged 8 - 15 who wish to take their Hapkido and martial arts skills to the highest level. The class has the following objectives:
  • Develop a student's Hapkido skills to the highest level possible for that particular student.
  • Teach skills outside of the standard Tigers classes such as additional self-defence skills, advanced kicking skills, advanced ground self defence and Weapons forms.
  • Form the core of an Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy Youth Display Team.
  • Prepare students for participation in international competitions.
  • Allow students to study specific aspects of martial arts outside of the Tigers syllabus that appeal to them.
Students in this class have a "Black Belt Club" badge to show their additional dedication to their training and personal development.
This is an "upgrade class" which can be added to Tigers membership.

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