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We Welcome New Members Anytime!!!

New members are always welcome to join our Academy. We are a strong school with just over 100 active members as at October 2016 with a high retention rate but we always have room for more! We operate all year round with with no breaks for school terms and new members are alway welcome all year round. As our membership grows we just add new classes to our weekly class schedule to accommodate this.

Our membership is not only drawn from Upper Hutt and the wider Hutt Valley but also from around the Greater Wellington Region including Wellington City, Porirua/Paremata and from the Wairarapa as far north as Masterton. 
We attract a wide range of both adults and junior students ages 5 to 65+.

Most of our members are not natural athletes and regardless of the state of your fitness or physical ability, you should make solid improvements in both your health and physical well being with regular Hapkido training as well as learning good martial arts and self defence skills. 
You can expect plenty of help and guidance from our instructors and senior students as you start on your Hapkido journey towards black belt. While we use a belt based system to indicate progress, we are very much focused on you as an individual and we use a 'client focused' approach in order to better help you achieve your training goals. When you join you will be asked for your immediate goal for your first three months training and we will fine tune your training to help you achieve this. Once a goal is met we will review this with you and you can then set a new goal for yourself or your children. 

We have a strong and experienced team of Instructors details of which are on the Instructor sub-page under the About Hapkido page of this website. 
While most adult males will find Hapkido training interesting and challenging, Hapkido is also an ideal martial art for both women and children. Approximately 40% of our total membership are women or girls. We also have a range of special self-defence techniques for women (such as how to deal with an attack by somebody dragging you by your hair). 
Special Joining Offer: If you sign up for a 3 month period we will give you a free training uniform (worth $50). Note this offer is not applicable to the second or subsequent members of a family group but we will provide a uniform at half price ($25) for any additional family members on our family discount if they too join and pay for 3 months in advance. 

How To Join 

We offer a complimentary orientation class with one of our instructors or senior grades for people interested in joining any one of our classes. The orientation class is usually held during one of the classes that you are interested in joining. The instructor will basically give you a 1 on 1 lesson as well as ask you about what you want to achieve out of Hapkido. This will allow us to focus on areas specific to your goals as you start your journey with us. 
After your orientation class you can decide whether the class is for you or not. To apply for Membership you can either pick up a Membership Form at the Academy or download - Membership Application Form
Complete both sides of the form and either email the form to Callum Forbes  or give it to an instructor at the Academy. Your membership will be confirmed once your application has been processed. 
Minors must have their membership form signed by a parent or guardian.   
Please note - We reserve the right to decline a membership application without having to give a reason for doing so. 
Further Information - Please e-mail the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy's head instructor Callum Forbes, or phone 021 330 989. 

The Venue

The Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy is one of the premiere martial arts studios in New Zealand, being specifically set up for dedicated martial arts training.

The Academy is an owner-occupied, modern, dedicated martial arts centre in the heart of the Upper Hutt CBD. The premises provide over 330 m2 of area that includes a huge 200m2 training area covered in safety mats. 

In addition there are separate male and female changing rooms each with their own shower, toilets and a small kitchenette. A wide range of martial arts training equipment and relevant fitness equipment complete the lay-out of our Academy. 


The advantages of owning our own premises are many. We have permanence so our students have the security of on-going training without disruptions. As the sole users we can offer a training schedule that suits our members. We do not have to adjust our layout or equipment to suit other users. So we offer a pleasant, clean and fine-tuned venue that allows our students to maximise the time they have available for training all year round.

Car Parking - The Academy owns a number of car parks at its entrance. Apart from the Owner's car park nearest the entrance, all are rented to local businesses during weekdays and none of the car parks are available Monday to Fridays from 8 AM to 5AM. However there are plenty of car parks nearby and the Academy car parks (apart from the Owner's cark park) are available outside of business hours.

Upper Hutt Railway Station - The Academy is a couple of minutes walk from the Upper Hutt Railway Station.  

Address: Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy - 6 Lyster Lane, Upper Hutt.

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Training Timetable






MONDAY   1630 - 1700  Dragons  30 minutes
   1700 - 1740  Tigers  45 minutes
   1740 - 1800  Black Belt Club  20 minutes
   1800 - 1845 *  Hapkido Essentials  45 minutes
   1845 - 1930 *  Hapkido  45 minutes
TUESDAY  1830 - 1930 Survival School (Monthly, 3rd Tuesday)  60 minutes
WEDNESDAY  1800 - 1845  Hapkido Blitz (Teens)  45 minutes
   1900 - 1945  Hapkido Blitz (Adults)  45 minutes
THURSDAY  1700 - 1745  Tigers  45 minutes
   1740 - 1800  Black Belt Club   20 minutes
   1800 - 1845 *  Hapkido Essentials  45 minutes
   1800 - 1845 *  Hapkido  45 minutes
 SATURDAY  0900 - 0950  Tigers  50 minutes
   0900 - 0950  Hapkido Blitz    50 minutes
   0945 - 1030  Knight School  40 minutes
   1030 - 1230  Sword Fighting  120 minutes

* Run as single black-to-back class. Counts as one class for Membership Fee calculation regardless if you take one or both classes.

We offer year-round training. We do not stop for school term breaks or break for an extended period over Summer. The only times that we cancel classes is when they fall on public holidays and for about a week over the Christmas/New Year period. This is factored into our Membership Fees.    

Membership Fees

When you join the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy we charge you a Membership Fee which you pay regularly whether or not you decide to attend classes - e.g. on the same basis of most gyms. Our fee calculations are based on 10 months of actual training a year per student (to allow for holidays, etc.). This is spread over the entire year to make paying and collecting membership fees easier for all concerned. If you cannot attend training for a genuine reason (such as an injury or work pressures) we will consider suspending your payments until you can return to training.     
Membership Fees are also payable in advance and most people pay them fortnightly as this suits most people's cash flow.

If you wish to pay on a different cycle then the weekly membership fee is half that of the fortnightly membership fee for your class option and if you wish to pay monthly then the monthly membership fee is 2.2 times the fortnightly fee for your class option.

Family Discount applies to members who are part of an immediate family who are all living together and to be eligible for the discount, the other family members need to be non-income earners – e.g. dependent children or a home keeper. The Family Discount is 100% of the highest applicable fee plus a 50% discount on the relevant class fee per second and subsequent eligible family member thereafter. 

Note that the Family Discount does not apply to Membership Upgrades such as Black Belt Club.   

Class Options

 Special  3 Month Start Up plus Free Uniform Fortnightly Membership Fee  Casual Member Class Fee (per Class) 
Young Dragons  $120  $20 N/A
Up to 2 Classes a Week (Knight School, Junior Hapkido, All Hapkido class options, or a mix if eligible for more than one of these classes)   $180  $30  N/A
Up to 4 Classes a Week (Knight School, Junior Hapkido, All Hapkido class options or a mix if eligible for more than one of these classes)  $240  $40  N/A
Black Belt Club (1 Class a Week) - Family Discount Does Not Apply   N/A +$10 N/A
Black Belt Club (2 Classes a Week) - Family Discount Does Not Apply  N/A +$20 N/A
Tuesday's Monthly Self Defence Class  N/A  N/A $10
Saturday's 10.30 am Sword Fighting Class N/A  $30  $20


Uniforms, Badges and Other Equipment


Your First Few Classes
When you first come along to try out one of our classes you can wear normal gym clothes or light loose fitting sports clothing. Once you decide to join we require that you purchase a training uniform.
After You Join
We wear a standard white martial arts uniform. You can buy a light/middleweight cotton uniform through the Academy for $50 (all child and adult sizes) which is at least $25 cheaper than the retail price. We obtain our uniforms from a wholesale provider so we can pass the savings onto our members. We always keep a stock of these uniforms so you can buy one as soon as you decide to join.
Some of us prefer a heavier weight Judo uniform which handles the grappling and ground fighting aspects of our training better than the ligher one. This costs approximately $80 and it normally takes a few days for one to arrive from our supplier. These uniforms are hot in the warmer months.
As an alternative training top to the standard martial arts jacket, we use an optional black "rash top" with Hapkido logos on it. Many people prefer to wear these in the warmer months and we also keep a stock of all sizes at the Academy and cost $40 each for our members.
However, for gradings, seminars and other special events the full white uniform must be worn.
Black Belts may also obtain the black Hanminjok Hapkido Uniform. While we don't weat these in normal classes, they are worn for some gradings as well as whenever we are hosting a World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Aassociation event or on a Korea Trip. These uniforms are handmade in South Korea for the individual and have different coloured trim to denote Dan ranking.
Badge Sets 
We also have a badge set for our white uniform top which must be worn by all Teen Hapkido and Hapkido students before they do their second grading (to blue belt). Junior Hapkido students do not have to wear the badges until they attain the Junior Red Belt grade and Young Dragons students are not required to have badges but many do.
Wearing the badges shows your pride in our Academy and in your training. It also identifies who you are at seminars and other events where members of other martial arts styles and clubs are also present. The Badge set consists of 5 badges (New Zealand Hapkido Federation back patch, New Zealand Hapkido Federation left chest badge, Hanminjok Hapkido Association right chest badge, Korean Flag right shoulder badge and New Zealand/Club left shoulder badge.
The complete badge set costs $50 and like with the uniforms and clothing that we provide we well these at cost only to our members.
Optional Equipment
For safety, you also may wish to wear a mounth guard and MMA style grappling gloves for sparring once you are a blue belt or higher. Again we can provide these at cost for our members.
We can obtain most other types of martial arts equipment (e.g. body and limb guards, martial arts weapons, punching pads, punching bags, etc) at near wholesale prices plus shipping so if there is anything you need we can most likely get it for you.  


Contact Us

p: 021 330 989
e: Callum Forbes


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