Hapkido Edge (Self Defence)

Our Hapkido Edge training is delivered in a course format by arrangement as and when required.    

"We were really impressed with the delivery of the 4 week self defence workshops run here at Loyalty NZ by Callum Forbes. The classes had a good mix of theory and practice. The theory was really informative and interesting and Callum gave great examples of real life scenarios that we could all relate too in some way. The practice was taught really well and Callum was able to condense it nicely into the short time we had available each week. Callum also gave a quick re-cap at the start of each class for anyone who was new and attending that week for the first time which was much appreciated. We all feel that we are now better equipped to handle challenging situations in a confident manner."

Hapkido Edge
(Simple Escape from a Front Clinch or Bear Hug)   

Hapkido Edge is our answer for people who want to learn to be good self-defence practitioners but who don't have the time to commit to our regular Hapkido classes. 

Self-Defence is more than just knowing how to defend yourself physically. It is also about projecting your self-confidence, recognising the body language cues that might predicate that an assault is likely and developing de-escalation skills. If you have good skills in all of these areas than you have a very good chance of preventing a threat from escalating into a physical confrotation.
If the above skills do not work then you need to be prepared to handle a physical attack which could range from a simple push to an assault with a weapon. You need to aware of the three forms of attack and how to evade them. One of these attacks is very common and also catches many advanced martial arts students and self defence practitioners unawares.
We teach a simple system of appropriate self-defence technique that can handle most emergences if all else fails.
We also cover the use of common items as self-defence tools in an emergency and your legal rights and other consequences in the aftermarth of a self-defence situation.
People often ask us "how long does it take to become proficient" at self defence? The answer is that there is no quick fix. However we have found that our standard block 4 hour self defence course will give people some measure of self confidence that will help reduce the changes of them becoming victims of random violence. However, it is best to brush up on your self defence skills on a regular basis otherwise they will lessen with time.   
We can provide specialist one-on-one training for corporate employees or business people heading overseas to work in places that pose a greater level of personal risk than here in New Zealand.
In the past we have provided specialist one-on-one training to people heading to work in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and sub-Sabaran Africa. 
This training is personalised to the individual, where they are going to and the likely risks he or she may face.
Groups and Corporates
Group and Corporate training forms the core of our self defence training. We have been running Self Defence training for Corporate groups and Government Depatments since the early 1990's and have trained thousands of people in basic self defence skills.
Our 4 hour self defence course has proven to be very popular with Corporate and Government groups and we can deliver this in either a 4 hour block or broken down into either 2 two hour lessons or 4 one hour lessons depending on what our clients require. We have found that the 4 one hour lesson format is the most popular format as this can be delivered over a lunch time break.
Many of our clients also bring us back to run short refresher courses every 6 months or so or to re-run our course for new employees. 
Specialist Groups
We can also tailor Hapkido Edge for specific groups of people or for occupational groups in either a block course or workshop format. In the past we have delivered such training to a wide audience ranging from school children through to military personnel. We can also offer scenario training drills as part of a Hapkido Edge programme so that the training is tailored to a specific situation (e.g. for example scenario training for taxi drivers would involve practicing self-defence while seated in an enclosed space).
(Hapkido Edge - Self Defence for Women course in 2015)  

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