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The influence of MMA and the UFC has seen the number of attackers imitating what they see on TV increasing - particularly attacks that take people to the ground. 


While our core Hapkido classes will develop the skills to deal with an untrained attacker on the ground, these skills may not be as effective against somebody who has some proficiency in ground fighting. Because we need to evolve and adapt with the times, we are offering this specialist ground training to deal with MMA style attacks.  


If ground fighting is an aspect of martial arts that interests you or if you wish to take your ground fighting skills to a higher level of proficiency, then our Hapkodo Ground Combatives class is for you.


You need to be enrolled in Hapkido, at least a blue belt and aged at least 13 to be eligible to attend the Ground Combatives class.


Grand Master Fari Salievski

Master Fari Salievski - BIOGRAPHY

2017 No 1 Rated Coach Asia 
Ground Combatives is a version of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu that is designed to complement Hapkido to help a person trapped on the ground to use the force and energy of their opponent against them. If attacked while you are on the ground, Ground Combatives teaches you to defend, get into a dominant position and then either get back to your feet or get a submission (a joint lock or a choke) as quickly as possible.

Ground Combatives has a Hapkido slant to it in that many of the techniques that are used in Hapkido are illegal in sports based grappling. Because our focus is on self-defence, Ground Combatives includes these "illegal" techniques. You will learn strangles & chokes, sweeps & throws, joint locks and submission techniques. Age size or gender is no barrier to learning this proven and practical ground fighting system. 

Grand Master Fari Salievski assists in the training and assisting our own Instructors in the delivery of this training to our students including coming over from Sydney to grade students for new belt levels. Grand Master Fari was originally taught Brazilian Ju-Jitsu by noteable Australian martial artist John Will who was one of the first non-Brazilian martial artists to be awarded a black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (from Professor Rigan Machado in 1997).

Ground Combatives is also a standalone martial art that you can earn grades and eventually a black belt in.

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