Hapkido Pressure Point Combatives is for anyone who wishes to expand their martial arts knowledge into the realm of pressure points and other anatomical weak points with an in-depth, scientific, step by step approach utilising Kyusho-Jitsu ("One Second Fighting") principles.


This includes pressure point application using correct angle and direction of attack. It also covers energy flow and the "cycle of destruction" principles that can assist with the application of Hapkido techniques in a real self defence situation.


You need to be enrolled in Hapkido to attend, aged 16 or over and be a Red Belt in order to be eligible to attend this class.


Grand Master Fab Cella

Master Fab Cella - BIOGRAPHY
Hapkido Pressure Point Combatives is a specialist class that explores the use of of anatomical weak points and pressure points in applying martial arts techniques. It uses the principals of "Kyusho Jitsu". Literally translated "Kyusho" means "One Second", and "Jitsu" means "fighting". "Kyusho Jitsu" is "One Second Fighting" meaning that within the first second of a conflict the control of the situation is in the hands of thee Kyusho practitioner. 

We take a pragmatic approach to this aspect of our training because not everybody responds the same way to pressure points. On some people they work very well and on others they have no noticeable effect.

Because of this we don't focus on the use of pressure points in our regular Hapkido classes and instead focus on developing the correct technical skills to make our techniques work on anybody. Adding the application of attacks to pressure points on top of the correct technical application of our techniques may amplify the effects of these techniques.

Our Hapkido Pressure Points Instructor is Grand Master Fab Cella from KMA Condrell Park in Australia who trains and assists our own Instructors in the delivery of this training to our students. Grand Master Cella is an 8th Dan Black Belt in "Kyusho- Jitsu".

The Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy teaches a system of Kyusho-Jitsu adapted to compliment Hapkido. But it is also a standalone martial art that you can also earn grades in through Grand Master Cella at our Academy. 

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