Hapkido (Adults and Teenagers)


The Academy's Core Classes are its adult Hapkido classes for adults and teenagers who want to learn good self-defence skills. Hapkido is an ecletic martial art that blends many aspects of martial arts training together to create a martial arts style that is effective in just about any self-defence sitation that you can imagine.


Hapkido is also taught in a modern yet traditional manner so that its practitioners can obtain the additional wellness benefits that training in a traditional martial arts format brings.


These include better fitness, greater range of motion, stress control, greater self confidence and the camaderie of training with like minded people!  


Hapkido Videos


(Callum Forbes demonstrating Hapkido techniques at an impromtu demonstreation in South Korea during the 2017 Korea Trip)

(Callum Forbes demonstrating some Hapkido core principles at a multi-style martial arts camp)

Training in Hapkido

Hapkido employs both long-range and close-range fighting techniques, utilizing kicks and hand strikes at longer ranges, elbow and knee attacks, joint locks and throws at closer fighting distances.

Hapkido emphasizes circular motion, redirection of force, and control of the opponent. Hapkido practitioners seek to gain advantage over their opponents through footwork and body positioning to incorporate the use of leverage, avoiding the use of brute strength against brute strength.
In addition, Hapkido also teaches the use of everyday items as self defence tools. 

Hapkido is a very comprehensive martial art that will enable you to be able to defend yourself in a relatively short space of time but will also take you a lifetime to master. It takes approximately 4 to 5 years to earn a 1st Dan Black Belt in

Class Format

Our Monday and Thursday Hapkido classes are 90 minutes long and are split into two 45 minute segments.

The first 45 minutes covers cardio exercises, stretching exercises and Hapkido striking techniques before finishing with free sparring. The second 45 minutes covers our core Hapkido syllabus consisting of falling techniques, patterns, self-defence drills, self-defence techniques and finishes with self-defence drills under pressure (non-compliance).  

Our Tuesday and Wednesday Hapkido classes are in a shorter format but still cover all of the main aspects of the longer classes (Tuesday - 75 minutes and Wednesday two back to back 45 minute classes reflecting Class Instructor availability). 

Hapkido Black Belt Class

We run a class for Hapkido Black Belts every second Monday (alternating our Pressure Point Combatives class) to enable our black belts to train in advanced Hapkido techniuqes. This is run concurrently with the first part of our main Monday night Hapkido class.


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