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Numerous studies have found that children who study martial arts, and specifically our Academy’s style of martial art, have an increased sense of responsibility, are more reluctant to take foolish risks, are less likely to sucumb to negative peer pressiure and have a greater sense of self-esteem.


This is why many parents - not just in Upper Hutt but from throughout the Greater Wellington area have enrolled their children at our Academy in our Hapkdo Tigers programme to supplement their children’s education.


Plus it’s a lot of fun!


For Parents


Martial Arts is not a sport. Sports are games. Games are played for various reasons, and do have a variety of good qualities. Entertainment, teamwork, athleticism, etc.

Martial Arts is an educational system for human development and is not a game. The things our kids (and adults) are dealing with today: bullying, low self belief, eating processed food, digital depression, needing emotional intelligence, feeling weak and unable to protect themselves... this is what martial arts addresses, directly. Self protection at the highest level, not just physically, but mentally and internally.

Games are meant to be fun and optional.

Education is not always fun but is necessary for Success.

One of the main things we also teach in our Hapkido Tigers Classes is Leadership. Helping build future leaders is what we are passionate about. Leadership covers both personal and group leadership. Personal Leadership is about being secure in your own skin. This allows your child to make their own decisons and not be lead astray by negative influences. Group Leadership is about leading others and our Tigers students are expected to assist teaching less experienced students and running parts of the class.

We live in interesting times and we don't know what career paths our Children will have available to them but the ability to both lead and communicate will always be required. So trainnig with us will help set them up for life. 


Hapkido Tigers (7 - 12 years)

Next to our core adult Hapkido class, our Hapkido Tigers class is the other main class offered by our Academy and is aimed at young people aged 7 to 12. 
Monday and Thursdays  - Tigers Foundation Class (4.30 PM to 5.10 PM)  
This is for new Tigers students (White Belts) and the Junior grades (Yellow and Blue Belts). This class focuses on developing core martial arts and self-defence skills. The class also caters to the needs of the new student which is mostly building their self-confidence and physical skills. We also cover strategies for dealing with bullying and when it is appropriate to use the self-defence skills that they are being taught.  
Mondays and Thursdays - Tigers Development Class (5.15 PM to 5.55 PM)
This is for established Tigers students (Single Red Tips and above). This class focuses on building on the core martial arts and self-defence skills developed in the Foundation Class to develop the skills required to attain Junior Black Belt. There is also a life-skills component to this class where we cover the meaning behind the martial arts values and how to apply them in everyday life.    
Tuesday Hapkido Tigers Class (5 PM to 5.45 PM) 
The Tuesday night Hapkido Tigers and Saturday morning Family Class are for all Hapkido Tigers Grade Groups.
(It is anticpated that in time this class will also split into two classes and run at the same times as the Monday and Tuesday classes). 
General Information
Our Hapkido Tigers programme aims to develop your child or children into a Junior Hapkido Black Belt. There are 8 belt grades to work through on this journey which takes 3 - 4 years to complete. These grades mirror the first 3 adult Hapkido grades but includes other material to develop excellence in core martial arts skills like kicking.
Each grade is broken down into 4 stripes. Each stripe covers an aspect of our training programme. Once a student becomes proficient in a particular aspect for his or her particular grade, a tape stripe is earned and placed on one of the tips of their belt. This recognises regular progess at a shorter interval than a normal belt promotion and helps maintain interest.  
The Junior Hapkido Black Belt is a black belt with the student's name embroidered on it in white. It is not a full black belt as even the most talented junior student will have difficulty in dealing with a fully grown adult attacker in a self-defence situation. However, it rewards the time and effort that a junior student has put into their training. Many of our Junior Black Belt students have now been with us for over 10 years - this is most than half their lifetime! 
The Hapkido Tigers Junior Hapkido Black Belt provides an ideal platform to develop the skills to eventually attain an adult Black Belt which we don't normally award to students until they are at least 15 years old.  
Transition to Teen and Adult Hapkido  
Regardless of their Tiger grade, we find that most students want to move up to either the Teen or Adult Hapkido claases at around ages 11 - 12. The Adult Hapkido class is harder than a Tiger class but through experience we have developed a number of mechanisms that allow students an almost seemless tranistion into their new class.  
Child Protection
As a member of the New Zealand Ju-Jitsu Federation, the Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy adheres to, and applies its Child Protection Rules. This includes a mandatory Police Check for all of our Instrcutors. 


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