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We are a family-focused martial arts school in the centre of Upper Hutt.

We offer a range of martial arts classes for children, teens and adults of all ages.

Our Academy culture is relaxed and friendly. Our mission is to help you and your family to achieve your own goals and to realise your martial arts potential.

We have a strong team of experienced Instructors - details of them can be found on our Instructors sub-page on the About Hapkido page. You will find that we offer much more than just martial arts and self-defence training and we would like you to join our family

So come along and try out an Orientation Class for you or your children and begin your own martial arts journey.

All of our classes are run at our modern, owner-occupied martial arts studio in the centre of Upper Hutt. Further information Here.



Our Core Classes

Hapkido for Adults and Teens
Hapkido is self-defence focused but training in Hapkido will also increase your physical abilities - stamina, strength, and flexibility - as well as your mental awareness and self-confidence. 

Further Information Here

Hapkido Tigers for Children aged 7 to 12
Hapkido Tigers is all about using Hapkido training to help your children develop into strong and confident adults. In addition to learning good self-defence skills, your child will also learn important life and leadership skills.
Further information Here.
Hapkido Dragons for Children aged 5 to 6
Hapkido Dragons program is for children aged from 5 to 6. The class focuses on fitness, and martial arts fundamentals. It serves as a primer for the more formal martial arts training in our Hapkido Tigers Class. 
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Other Classes
We run several other classes that compliment Hapkido to allow you to go deeper into areas that are only covered lightly in the main Hapkido syllabus. These are "Ground Combatives", "Pressure Point Combatives" and "Principals of the Sword". Once you have attained the relevant grade requirement in Hapkido you may join any of these classes.

          Academy Normal Time Table Resumes May 29th

Although we reopened on May 14th, we have not been able to resume normal training because of the requirement to have training bubbles of no more than 10 people. From this Friday (May 29th) we are resuming our full timetable with normal sized classes.
During the training bubble phase we tired out some new training ideas which worked very well so we will include these in our normal format going forward.
We will still need to maintain strict hygiene procedures and maintain a contact register. 

There are two permanent timetable changes:

Monday Hapkido Dragons Class – will now start at 4.15 pm and finish at 4.45 pm.

Saturday Morning Sword Class  - will now start at 10 am and finish at 12 pm.

If you have ever wanted to start a martial art now is the time to begin your martial arts journey.

Where possible we will be following the New Zealand Ju-Jitsu Federation’s Guidelines for training under Level 2 which can be found HERE.

We are really looking forward to reopening and seeing you at training!  
Callum Forbes
(Academy Owner and Head Instructor)

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Member of the World Kido Federation and Haminjok Hapkido Association
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